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Chandler and Price 10 x 15 Old Style Gordon Job Press

Motor/Gearbox/Restoration Done 2009
By DeFelice Engineering, Inc.
DeFelice Job # 4047

Serial number C3994
Built 1908
Weight 1500lbs
  • Restored to fully functional condition.
  • Includes 3 new ink rollers.
  • Includes new Grippers with 6 fingers
  • Includes 1 chase.
  • Includes an Impression Wrench (new).
  • Includes a Gripper Wrench (new).
  • Includes a Morgan Expansion Roller Trucks Wrench (new)
  • Painted Flat Black.
  • Gold Metallic Pinstriped.
  • Wood Feed tables are new, constructed out of Red Oak and Urethaned.
  • New Baldor Motor and SM-Cyclo Drive gearbox (allows user to rotate flywheel).
  • Motor is Tucked inside the frame completely out of the way (almost un-noticeable, see photos).
  • Motor mount is custom and of high quality and utilizes existing tapped holes on the press frame to mount to.
  • Motor uses V-belt drive pulleys.
  • Motor pulleys have high quality custom guard.
  • Approximately 8 cycles per minute, non-adjustable rate.
  • Continuous duty.
  • Is bolted to a fork truck-able skid made from 2x6 lumber and carriage bolts.
  • Will deliver for free within 100 mile radius (you need the ability to unload it), for greater distance call for pricing.
  • Motor Specs
  • TEFC
  • HP
  • 110V
  • 1725 RPM

New Pieces either bought or made
  • Urethaned Red Oak Upper and Lower Feed Tables with new Brass flathead bolts
  • Feed table base
  • Feed table fork
  • 3 rollers
  • HP 110V Baldor Reliance Industrial Motor - 1725 RPM, TEFC
  • Grippers with 6 Fingers
  • SM-Cyclo 29 to 1 gear reduction drive
  • Gearbox "V" belt pulley
  • Flywheel shaft "V" belt pulley
  • 110V On/Off Switch, Galvanized Box and Galvanized Face Plate
  • 3 Water tight Strain Relief's for Wire
  • 1-3/8" Lock Collar to retain pinion gear
  • Fork Truck-able, bolted pallet which can become base of shipping crate
  • 2" Upper Brace
  • "V" Belt, 39" "B"
  • Pulley and "V" Belt Guard
  • Side Arm Retaining Washer and Nut
  • Lots of Miscellaneous bolts and other hardware
  • Bed Shaft (1-3/16" )
  • Flywheel Tapered Key
  • Custom Motor and Drive mount utilizing existing holes in framework

Re-work and Improvements
  • Gold pinstripe
  • Re-work on Morgan Expansion Roller Trucks (adjustable trucks)
  • Re-work on Chase
  • Tympan Bales straightened and re-worked
  • Platon/Bed Gap Adjusted to 0.968"
  • Motor
  • Gearbox (has lifetime lubrication)
  • Feed table mounting Ear re-made (was missing), brazed and hand worked into original shape.
  • All pieces painted Flat Black
  • All pieces striped of old paint and dried ink
  • Small Head Lock Cam Follower Was Sleeved with 4150 PH steel where the Side Arm rides.
  • Ink plate Cam Roller Repair
  • Throw-off lever pivot joints re-worked
  • Main shaft repair and coupling
  • Crankshaft turned to accommodate 1-3/8" input pulley (on pinion gear side).

A brief moment in the history of SN C3994 Chandler and Price 10 x 15 Job Press.

This press was purchased from an individual on April, 7th 2009 in Broad Ripple (near north side of Indianapolis, IN). It was in the basement of a very small house built in 1947. The home owner said it came with the house, being too large in every dimension to get up the 30" wide stairway, this is understandable, not to mention its 1500 lb. weight.

After two days of disassembly, my two toolmaker/machinists where able to get it out of the basement in pieces. With heartbreaking necessity we had to cut the 3-1/8" diameter main shaft in half, this three piece assembly would not come apart. Since we are a modern well equipped machine shop, we were able to turn these cut shaft ends and fit them together with a precision custom heavy coupling. This assures no compromise of its function. It also means this machine is "disassemble-able" and could fit through a 30" doorway if necessary.

At the shop, all of the parts were wire-wheeled, cleaned and painted. Parts requiring re-work or repair were done before assembly. The left side frame was missing an ear, probably broken decades ago. This part was machined from a solid piece of steel and brazed into position (I defy you to find this joint). The feed table fork and feed table base were fabricated from steel per original casting dimensions.

It is not my intention to restore this machine to show, or museum quality. It is my intention to re-work, as necessary, a 100 year old versatile piece of printing machinery, and to give it possibly, another 100 years of life. As a designer of machines and lover of old machines, especially this one that oscillate, reciprocates, slides, rotates and clinks; it warms my heart to bring back to life this 1908 cast iron masterpiece.

Brian DeFelice

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